Ultimate Trading Platform

All-in-one Broker Solution

With our product, you can forget about constantly buying additional solutions to meet the emerging needs of your clients

You can conduct both margin trading and spot exchange operations without any restrictions

Key Benefits


Best trading rates among several liquidity providers (20+)


Real-time fund remittance, via SWIFT to customer’s recipients on the designated date


comprehensive execution mechanism in 150+ currency pairs


Immediate confirmation of deal booking with the counterparty and spread completion in real-time

Protecting personal data

The access to the back-end systems is protected by multifactor authentication and secured communication channels. Client data is backed up off-site to the cloud storage to avoid information loss, but ensure accessibility on a daily basis. Multi-channel notification system provides 24/7 performance and availability monitoring of any vital components

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Bringing more flexibility with our APIs

The APIs that are part of the white label solution package can be used as a means of communication with end users who can connect to the trading platform directly. These APIs can also be used to integrate with other services to add more value to your business with costs-saving methods

Internal generation

within the framework of your brokerage business you will be able to establish an electronic communication network (or ECN), where the limit orders of your customers can be matched with each other. This way, with a solid customer network, you can provide yourself with an additional influx of liquidity, without having to spend extra resources on provider commissions and holding additional deposits

Our Product represents an ultimate all-in-one solution if you want to build a multi-functional exchange trading platform or brokerage

Trading Platform

Loaded full of powerful functionality and proprietary tools, our platform caters to traders of all levels and can be configured by both traders and brokers to deliver the perfect trading platform.


our product supports complex order routing and allows the broker to implement a Straight Through Processing business model. Switch your clients without restarting server and changing instrument name

Trading Server

To ensure a better service for our global end-users our team has adopted Alibaba Cloud Enterprise Network to reduce Europe and China’s connectivity latency, from an average of 220 milliseconds down to an average of 110 milliseconds.

Unique Set of Components

All our solutions are modular and our clients can select just the components they need and integrate them into their existing infrastructure or they can assemble the entire set of components to build a complete standalone product.

Shorter Time to Market

Our customized solutions are based on ready-to-use components of our existing trading platform framework. This allows us to deliver complex financial solutions significantly faster when compared to other technology providers.

Swaps and Swap Free accounts

Apply overnight financing charges using swap rates or interest rates, configurable by group and instrument. Apply markups on swap rates directly from the UI for each instrument or group of instruments and apply to the necessary client group or account. Swap multipliers can also be applied to each instrument.

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